About The Weststar Group

Becoming a Globally Recognised Symbol of Quality and Excellence

When Group Managing Director Tan Sri Syed Azman Syed Ibrahim laid the foundations for The Weststar Group in 2003, he had a sturdy vision to create an organisation that was successful not just within Malaysia, but also regionally and internationally.

Less than a decade later, The Weststar Group is well on its way of achieving just that.

The Weststar group is a highly diversified enterprise. While the automotive sector has always been the mainstay of the group’s core business, The Weststar Group has sizably built other core businesses.

Currently, the group’s aviation arm, Weststar Aviation Services is the biggest operator of offshore helicopter transportation services in South East Asia with operations in five countries namely Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Morocco and Mauritania.

Alongside Weststar Aviation Services, the group’s general aviation arm, Weststar General Aviation provides executive VIP charters and aerial work services.

At the other end of the spectrum, The Weststar Group Automotive and Defence divisions have a strong foothold in local and regional automotive market segments. Gathering an outstanding mass of sales and gaining more traction of regional automotive market, The Weststar Group Automotive and Defence divisions consist of Weststar Maxus, Weststar Auto, Global Komited and SAFZ Auto.

When Weststar Maxus first introduced the Maxus commercial vehicle to the Malaysian market, its robust design, class leading safety, reliability and customizability instantly took the market by storm.

Springing Weststar Maxus as the leader in the customization and fabrication of commercial vehicles, Weststar Maxus has brought Weststar Maxus’ range of vehicles to other emerging regional markets.

Supporting the group’s automotive and defence maneuvers, Global Komited possesses sound engineering, design, fabrication and customization expertise.

In order to promote, develop and manufacture a wide array of commercial and military vehicles as well as equipment, Global Komited has forged partnerships and secured contracts with a number of Original Equipment and Vehicle manufacturers across the world. Such broad expertise has allowed Global Komited to be a prime supplier of military as well as customized vehicles and equipment supplier for various organizations.

A leading purveyor of imported marques, SAFZ Auto fulfills a niche in luxury high-end car market. Furthermore, SAFZ Auto boasts a strong reputation among local auto enthusiasts for catering to customized import car orders.

An exclusive authorized Honda dealer, Weststar Auto is a consistent award winner renowned for strong end-to-end services. Adding a measure of comprehensive auto services for its growing customers, Weststar Auto offers the full range of Honda vehicles at its brand new modern 3S facility.

Additionally, The Weststar Group has also upped its stakes in the real estate and property development sector. With PKK Class ‘A’ certification, Weststar Construction is actively involved in construction and property development projects having forayed into building high-end residential projects recently.

With all of The Weststar Group’s subsidiaries housed under one roof at the brand new Weststar Tower in Ampang, Weststar Properties manages all of the group’s asset and facilities. Weststar Properties ensures the security, health, safety, and maintenance of the Group’s properties and facilities are in place, maintained to the highest level at all times.

Last but not least, Weststar Insurance Limited provides cover for all in-house insurance policies for The Weststar Group against exposures and risks such as aviation, motor, casualty, property and marine and contractor’s risk.

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