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Weststar General Aviation Sdn Bhd commenced operations in 2003 with just a solitary single helicopter. Having addressed the need for safe, reliable, and quality private aviation services, WGASB quickly built a solid track record and secured a pool of highly skilled pilots and engineers. This resulted in great expansion over the years.

The general aviation division of WGASB currently has 11 aircraft – 7 helicopters and 4 private jets- and is proud to be one of the leading companies providing general aviation services in Malaysia.

Our Services

Within general aviation division, we utilises the diverse experience and expertise of our pilots, engineers as well as quality and range of our aircraft to provide a wide array of general aviation services.

  • Corporate VIP/VVIP transport
  • Aerial photography
  • Timber survey
  • Powerline/pipeline inspection
  • Parajumping (AS350 only)
  • Medical/Emergency evacuation
  • Personal tours
  • Private trips
  • Seeding
  • Birthday/Wedding/Annivarsary specials
  • Sling road operations
  • Kuala Lumpur skyline tours

A Convenient Base

From initial set-up, WGASB has operated its general aviation division from the most central and easily accessible airfield close to the capital city of Kuala Lumpur – the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah airport in Subang. A new hangar facility is planned for construction within the same location to cater to an ever growing fleet and is expected to be operational by 2014.

Building Upon A Growing Reputation

Leveraging on a growing reputation, WGASB secured a number of contracts with both private and government linked corporations to provide a range of aviation services. Some of the notable milestones include signing long term agreements with Jabatan Hal-Ehwal Orang Asli (Department of Orang Asli Affairs), Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran Malaysia (Department of Irrigation and Drainage Malaysia), Jabatan Perhutanan Semenanjung Malaysia (Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia) and Tenaga Nasional Berhad (Malaysian Key Energy Supplier).

WGASB is also renowned for their impeccable flight organisation for individuals of high standing, where efficiency and protocol are of the utmost importance. In addition, WGASB is proud to be affiliated with the provision of Flying Doctor Services or MEDEVAC (JHEOA) in Malaysia.

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