Weststar Engineering

Established in 2019, Weststar Engineering has quickly become a leading provider of IT and Telecommunication services in Malaysia. The company serves as the IT and Telecommunication division of The Weststar Group and has expanded its services beyond Weststar Aviation and Weststar Maxus to include the Government Sector, GLCs, and Government Agencies.

Weststar Engineering specializes in telecommunication and managed services that encompass voice, data, and video services, along with cloud-based solutions. Weststar Engineering's diverse offerings allow it to cater to a broad range of clients and deliver the best possible solutions for their IT and telecommunication needs. With a team of skilled professionals, Weststar Engineering provides customized solutions that are tailored to the unique requirements of its clients.

Weststar Engineering also offers consultancy services to help clients improve their business processes and IT infrastructure. Weststar Engineering's exceptional customer service, technical expertise, and commitment to innovation make it a reliable partner for clients looking for customized and effective IT solutions.

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